A holiday house for children with cancer and their families

Families can enjoy a holiday away together, to build new memories, having fun in our beautiful holiday lodge in St Andrews.

About the TCCL Lodge

This facility is a holiday home in St Andrews which is available free of charge to families who are affected by childhood cancer and leukaemia. It is a 4 bedroom detached house in a quiet residential part of St Andrews which is a vibrant seaside town on the east coast of Fife. St Andrews has many attributes which makes it an ideal year round holiday destination for families.

We have decided to locate our lodge here because of the holiday facilities but also because St Andrews is within 30 minutes of Ninewells Hospital which can provide all the services which might be needed urgently by a child with cancer or leukaemia.

Families will be able to have respite from the arduous treatments often involved for children with cancer and leukaemia, by enjoying a holiday together.

The facilities

TCCL Lodge is a 4 bedroom detached house in a quiet location in St Andrews, 10-15 minutes from the centre.

It provides high quality but comfortable family accommodation with easy access to a safely enclosed garden.

The Lodge can provide accommodation for one family at a time and has flexible space which could accommodate additional extended family members. Please ask for more details.

Downstairs there is a sitting room/dining room leading through to the kitchen and conservatory. There is access to a paved patio area by patio doors from the dining room. 2 bedrooms and a accessible wetroom complete the downstairs accommodation.

Upstairs there is a a further bedroom. Chill out room/Bedroom and a family bathroom.

The garden is fully enclosed and equipped with a swing and a climbing frame. The summer house provides additional play and storage space. The garden is landscaped to ensure easy maintenance and safe play facilities.


Any child (< 18years) and their family in Tayside and NE Fife who has been diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia

  • During treatment
  • Up to 2 years after treatment is completed
  • Palliative phase of illness
  • The Lodge is available for families and couples who have suffered a bereavement

Any family who meets these criteria out with Tayside and NE Fife is also eligible to apply and will be considered on a priority basis.


Accommodation for the week is FREE for all families using the facility.

Electricity and gas costs are included so this is also free.

Each family should expect to pay for the costs of all food and activities for the week. (We will provide a welcome pack containing some basics like milk and bread).

Facilities in St Andrews

There is a comprehensive index of facilities and activities in the lodge but here is a taster of what is on offer:

  • Shops:- M&S; Aldi; Morrisons all within 10 minutes walk. Many lovely independent shops in the centre for browsing or buying.
  • Cafes & restaurants:- Large selection of eating places to fit all budgets and tastes
  • Byre Theatre:- Has regular productions and workshops
  • Cinema:- 3 screens and all the new releases
  • Golf Courses:- More than you could possible use in 1 week
  • Botanic Gardens: A family pass will be available for use of this facility.Craigtoun Park: A few minutes’ drive away offering a number of recreational activities (particularly in the summer)

Please browse through the facilities folder as some of the facilities offer special rates to TCCL Lodge visitors.

Why is TCCL Lodge a good idea

TCCL is a Tayside and NE Fife based Charity formed in 1994 to provide wrap around care for children and their families in the local area with a diagnosis of cancer or leukaemia. Wrap around care is care which is supplementary and complimentary to the care provided by the local health services.

Childhood cancer is a devastating diagnosis for every child and family. Treatments are now very successful, but extremely arduous, long and time consuming. Children and families need to carry on with the normal routine of life with jobs, school and friends.

When a child is diagnosed with one of the cancers including leukaemia it becomes immediately apparent that he or she is not the only one that is affected by the disease. The parents and siblings are seriously affected and can struggle physically, practically, emotionally, and financially with the intensive, intrusive treatment regime and the inevitable disruption it brings to family life. It is not ONLY parents and siblings that are caught up in this crisis. As a grandparent inevitably you are anxious for your grandchild and also for your adult child, the parent. This circle of concern can spill out to aunts and uncles and other extended family and friends.

Hospital attendances are frequent including outpatient visits and inpatient stays for many days or weeks. More than this, although some visits are scheduled many more are unscheduled emergency admissions as a result of infections or other consequences of the treatment.

Holidays are often sacrificed because it is too difficult to find the right place which meets the needs of the whole family. But it is on holiday that families can spend quality time together.

That is where TCCL Lodge comes in. We provide a holiday house which is close enough to Ninewells Hospital so that families feel comfortable that they can reach hospital in time, should their sick child need this, but in a holiday place where there are amenities necessary to make a family holiday work for all its members.

For the children who cannot be cured we also wish to provide a safe and fun place for perhaps the family’s last holiday together with an opportunity to build important cherished memories.