How can I get help from TCCL

A grant at the time of Diagnosis with Cancer or Leukaemia


  • You can apply for this grant if your child meets the eligibility criteria below.
  • We aim to pay this grant directly to your bank account by BACS transfer within 2 weeks of your application
  • The grant is £750 per family and is not means tested. Every family will get this grant if they apply.
  • We will ask for details about you and your child and we will ask your Consultant/Nurse/Social worker to check these details.
  • APPLY FOR A NEW DIAGNOSIS GRANT – print out the pdf form, fill in the information you can then take it to your Consultant/Nurse for completion and they can email it to TCCL or ask your Consultant/Nurse/Socialworker to fill in the online form or fill in the online form via the link below


Can I get a grant at other times during treatment?


We offer financial support in terms of travel grants to get parents to and from treatment if their child is in hospital away from home. We provide grants to families who need support to make family life easier. We’ve provided everything from a new washing machine, to heating grants to keep children warm during the winter months, to driving lessons for a Mum to help her get to the hospital. Whatever families need, we aim to support them.

  • These are available in special circumstance during your child or young person’s treatment
  • These grants are not means tested.
  • We may offer to grant you all or part of your request and if this is for a particular item we will buy this item and have it delivered to you or if for a service we will arrange to pay directly for the service.
  • These grants are considered by the committee on a monthly basis.
  • You can apply for more than once for an additional grant.
  • If you are unsure about whether you may be eligible for a grant at a difficult time in your child’s treatment journey ask your Paediatric Oncology team for advice or make an enquiry directly to TCCL
  • APPLY FOR AN ADDITIONAL GRANT once completed print it and ether scan and email the form to [email protected] or post it to TCCL, c/o 25 Crathes Way, Balgillo Park, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3BY or click the button below to fill in the form on line


Who is Eligible for grants?


TCCL supports all children and young people under 18 years old, who are diagnosed with any type of cancer or leukaemia and who live in Tayside or NE Fife (KY13 to KY16 postcodes), from diagnosis till 3 years after the completion of their treatment.

TCCL Taxi Policy

Where TCCL has given grants to repair a parent / guardian’s private car, undertake driving lessons and successfully pass the 2-part driving test it would be expected for the family to use their own car in the first instance.

Where patients are on treatment and paediatric oncology staff advises against public transport patients with no access to a private car may approach their social worker and ask to apply for assistance in getting to and from Ninewells.

Where “out of area” treatment is undertaken usually in Edinburgh or Glasgow Children’s Hospitals a mileage allowance can be claimed from the NHS. Should circumstances be difficult for a family paediatric oncology staff and your social worker can engage with TCCL to look at top up grants to assist with the burden that this extra travelling brings.

Follow-up appointments post treatment. Should paediatric oncology advise against public transport patients with no access to a private car may approach their social worker and ask to apply for assistance in getting to and from Ninewells.

Late Effects Clinic appointments. When attending these clinics patients will be expected to make their own way to and from Ninewells or other local in region (Tayside & NE Fife) NHS facility.