Find out more about TCCL

The charity has been providing quality support to families with children who suffer from Cancer or Leukaemia In Tayside and North East Fife since our founding in 1994. The diagnosis of Cancer or Leukaemia in a child causes tremendous stress for families who struggle physically, practically, emotionally, and financially with the intensive, intrusive treatment regime and the inevitable disruption it brings to family life. TCCL aims to help at this difficult time in the following ways:

  • Grants – Diagnosis Grants and Additional Grants
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Holiday Support

Does TCCL help children from all over Scotland?

Our mission is to support local children and keep all funds within the local area; therefore we only offer grants to children and their families in Tayside, (Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross) and North East Fife . We do offer holidays in TCCL Lodge for families of children with cancer from all of Scotland, although there is a priority booking for Tayside families. Our eligibility criteria are below.


TCCL supports all children and young people under 18 years old, who are diagnosed with any type of cancer or leukaemia and who live in Tayside or NE Fife, from diagnosis till 3 years after the completion of their treatment.

How do families find out about TCCL?

When a child is diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia, you will be asked by one of your Paediatric Oncology team if they can notify us of your child’s diagnosis so that support from TCCL can offered to the whole family. The Diagnosis grant is automatically awarded to your family once we have received your details. If you think you have not received a grant which you think you should have received please click the link below . All other applications for support are assessed by the committee and treated with the strictest of confidence. See our Privacy Policy for more details


  • You can apply for this grant if your child meets the eligibility criteria above.
  • We aim to pay this grant directly to your bank account by BACS transfer within 2 weeks of your application
  • The grant is £500 per family and is not means tested. Every family will get this grant if they apply.
  • We will ask for details about you and your child and we will ask your Consultant/Nurse/Social Worker to check these details.
  • APPLY FOR A NEW DIAGNOSIS GRANT – print out the pdf form, fill in the information you can then take it to your Consultant/Nurse for completion and they can email it to TCCL or ask your Consultant/Nurse/Social Worker to fill in the online form or fill in the online form via the link below



We offer financial support in terms of travel grants to get parents to and from treatment if their child is in hospital away from home. We provide grants to families who need support to make family life easier. We’ve provided everything from a new washing machine, to heating grants to keep children warm during the winter months, to driving lessons for a Mum to help her get to the hospital. Whatever families need, we aim to support them.

  • These are available in special circumstances during your child or young person’s treatment
  • These grants are not means tested.
  • We may offer to grant you all or part of your request and if this is for a particular item we will buy this item and have it delivered to you or if for a service we will arrange to pay directly for the service.
  • These grants are considered by the committee on a monthly basis.
  • You can apply more than once for an additional grant.
  • If you are unsure about whether you may be eligible for a grant at a difficult time in your child’s treatment journey ask your Paediatric Oncology team for advice or make an enquiry directly to TCCL
  • APPLY FOR AN ADDITIONAL GRANT print off the pdf form and email it to us at [email protected] or send by post to TCCL, c/o 25 Crathes Way, Balgillo Park, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3BY or click button below to fill in form online



TCCL does more than offer financial help?

We offer much more than just a financial support!

  • TCCL organises days out for the children and their families to try and bring back some normality to family life eg tickets for pantomime in your area, Muddy boots vouchers and many more
  • Every year we host a Christmas Party with a visit from Santa for all children and their brothers and sisters.
  • We can provide individual programmes of psychological help or help with reintegration into school by funding these if they are not available on the NHS.
  • Pamper days for Mums and /or Dads
  • Holidays for families in St Andrews at our TCCL Lodge


TCCL sounds GREAT! How can I get HELP TCCL?

Easy! Fill in our contact form on the website and a member of the committee will get back to you to discuss your involvement. Or if you’d prefer to offer financial support, you can donate securely online HERE. We also accept cheques, made payable to “Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia”, sent to TCCL Lodge Charity, 25 Crathes Way, Balgillo Park, Broughty Ferry, DD5 3BY