A Lodge Stay. This is why we have it.

You can’t put a price on a smile. TCCL Lodge is there for oncology families offering breaks when they are really needed. Oncology treatment pathways can last over a couple of years making “normal” family holidays all but impossible. Knowing that medical facilities are within 30mins gives a level of reassurance to families coming to stay. Add to this the backing of the the community organisations and business’s in and around St Andrews that support it and you have an asset that is invaluable.

Hi Biz,

Thank you so much for letting us stay at the TCCL lodge, we have all had the best time. 

The house is squared up and locked up. 

A big thank you from The Sloan family 🥰

All at TCCL looking forward to welcoming families booked in for the “warmer” seasons ahead. Now about that weather!